Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rejection: An Instrument of Murder

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'Rejection is so powerful that some psychologist may now be utilizing it as a means for "natural" abortion of unwanted children. The woman wanting the abortion is instructed to verbalize strong words of rejection to the fetus. 60% of verbally rejected babies naturally abort. Rejection becomes an instrument for murder. The wounds of rejection is powerful enough to destroy life in the womb. Those who survive this abortion-rejection tactic live with repercussions.' (excerpt taken from the book "Comfort for a Wounded Spirit by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond)

A rejected child becomes a neglected one, and abused either with words or silence. It affects every area of their life especially in relationships. They question their worth, their significance and purpose for living. They retreat into isolation, avoiding people as a whole because of fear of rejection. They become unapproachable as they hide behind the fortress they have built around their heart for protection - keeping others out, even God.

One of the reasons many cannot embrace an intimate relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit stems out of rejection. Others find themselves "stuck" and unable to move ahead. Some cannot understand why they react a certain way. The root of rejection becomes an instrument of murder: it kills your identity, worth, your significant, your purpose, your relationships, and your destiny.

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We don't realize that we struggle with rejection until you are confronted by Holy Spirit. For example, as of late I've been sensing some jealousy, envy and pride rising when I am around certain crowds. It has troubled me to such a point that I couldn't focus. So as I am confessing what is in my heart and questioning it's root, Holy Spirit begins to play a video of my life. As a child I was rejected by my older siblings and cousins, my peers as early as kindergarten all through eighth grade ignored and talked about me behind my back. I was always the last one picked for any type of activity.

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I even felt a greater pang of rejection when I married at an early age of 14. As a young pregnant wife, strong words that killed my spirit came through by my then 17 yr. old husband. Verbal, physical and emotional abuse built a fortress around my heart in the 13 years of marriage. It stripped me of my worth, significance and purpose. But most of all it stripped my identity.

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As a born-again Christian, Holy Spirit revealed that rejection came through Pastors but significantly through two Prophets that had openly rebuked me not in a spirit of love, but with pride and anger. That totally broke me that I began to question God's love and my identity in Him. My relationship with the LORD was affected because I perceived as Him rejecting me. It took me some time after that to approach God again. Yes, I did the Christian routine of attending services, and reading but avoided prayer because I did not think He would hear me anyway. Although that was quite some time ago, rejection became the instrument of murder then and as Holy Spirit revealed, it remains the instrument today. I thought I had dealt with these issues but apparently there is a residue that remains because it was ONLY dealt with and not uprooted.

As I'm seeing this movie played out, I begin to cry. At that precise moment, the song "Healer" comes on. The words "I believe, You're my Healer"reminds me that He is the ONLY one that can heal my wounded spirit, uproot rejection from my soul and tear down the walls rejection has built.

I sit here wondering why is this resurfacing now. Yet, I am reminded of this new season in my life and all the doors that are opening. You see, I cannot walk through those doors carrying any type of baggage that will hinder me as I cross over to my promised land. Better yet, GOD will not allow me! Just like the Israelites who walked in a spirit of complaint and murmur hindered them from crossing over theirs! A matter of fact their destiny was aborted. Their complaints and murmuring may have been caused by a root of rejection just as jealousy, envy and pride. I'm not trying to be like the stiff-neck Israelites! I have a destination to arrive to! Even now as I am typing this I can clearly see that the enemy is attacking my womb in hopes of destroying the anointing that covers (amniotic sac) my spiritual baby (ministry) and my scribal anointing for the books I am to birth as well. . The amniotic sac is a bag of fluid inside a woman's womb (uterus) where the unborn baby develops and grows. The enemy desires to break the "anointing" sac through the discrediting of my character. If he can get me to remain bound by the root of rejection and operate in jealousy, envy and pride he is then not threatened by the birth of my baby because it will be void of the anointing that makes it powerful and effective. There would be no oil to drip and flow unto others whether in my ministry or through the books I am to write. The enemy knows that my fulfillment of the assignments and purposes God has planned for my life will impact the lives of those assigned to me for the glory of God and His namesake!!!

Remember womb represents a birthing place- giving birth to the things of God both in the spiritual and natural realms. Now that I have recognized the enemy's entry point revealed by Holy Spirit, I can now confess, repent, rebuke and renounce rejection and be healed not only for my sake but for the sake of those who I will encounter to pour the oil into their empty jars.

My LORD! Even now this revelation is being released as I am writing - I can see a glimpse of the fire this oil will produce in those who receive it!!! Glory to God!!!  The oil that breaks yokes!!! The fire that brings forth REVIVAL!!!

"The One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their King will pass through before them, the LORD at their head." ~ Micah 2:13

The yoke of rejection is broken by the Breaker's anointing!!!

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Listen, I'm not allowing shame to keep me hidden. I'm not allowing fear of man to intimidate me from being transparent. I'm not going to allow pride keep me from openly confessing my struggles. I've got a destination to reach and I am not about to let anything keep me from arriving. I know many Christians struggle with what I have shared and my purpose for sharing is to reach those so that they too can come to a place of healing for their wounded spirit and uproot rejection from their soul. So they may also cross over to their promised land with power and anointing to effectively walk out their purpose.

So much could be said, but I will leave you with this: Whatever it is you struggle with, it's not worth holding on to! Do not allow fear of man, condemnation or shame keep you from asking Holy Spirit to examine and reveal what is in your heart. You know that something is not right! You recognize the negative emotions and reactions you are experiencing. Do not allow these things to become an instrument of murder to your character, your identity, your assignments, God's purposes and your destiny. Instead confess, repent, rebuke and renounce, be healed and walk through the doors that lead to your promise land!!! There are a people waiting for the oil you are to pour forth!!! Let it flow!!!

Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing the root that hinders our journey into the promised land in which Father has given us.  Thank You for healing our wounded spirit and uprooting that which became a stumbling block.  May we walk through the doors of destiny with Your Presence, Power, Authority, and Anointing, fulfilling Your plans for our lives to glorify YOU!  We love YOU!  In Jesus' Name.  Amen!

~ Blessings