Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rejection: An Instrument of Murder

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'Rejection is so powerful that some psychologist may now be utilizing it as a means for "natural" abortion of unwanted children. The woman wanting the abortion is instructed to verbalize strong words of rejection to the fetus. 60% of verbally rejected babies naturally abort. Rejection becomes an instrument for murder. The wounds of rejection is powerful enough to destroy life in the womb. Those who survive this abortion-rejection tactic live with repercussions.' (excerpt taken from the book "Comfort for a Wounded Spirit by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond)

A rejected child becomes a neglected one, and abused either with words or silence. It affects every area of their life especially in relationships. They question their worth, their significance and purpose for living. They retreat into isolation, avoiding people as a whole because of fear of rejection. They become unapproachable as they hide behind the fortress they have built around their heart for protection - keeping others out, even God.