Monday, April 4, 2016

Arising & Emerging

 “Arise, shine, for the light IS come and the glory of the Lord IS upon thee.” ~ Isaiah 60

On the night of March 17, 2016 I had a dream and all that stood out was the SOUND of Authority declaring:  ARISING!  I knew in my spirit that the LORD was prophesying over me and the CHURCH as well as declaring that HE IS RISING UP FROM THE THRONE AND COMING....

There are multiple definitions of the root word arise.  However, I retrieved these from the KJV online Dictionary  because THIS describes exactly what the LORD is speaking, rather prophesying over the CHURCH, His Body:
´To revive from death; to leave the grave.
´To begin to act; to exert power; to move from a state of inaction.
´To invade, assault or begin hostility; followed by against.
ARISING: Ascending; moving upward; originating or proceeding; getting up; springing up; appearing.