Monday, September 22, 2014

Obedience OR Sacrifice?

Sometimes we are faced with very hard decisions that will cost us something. Yet, it has the potential to re-position us where we ought to be in our journey with Christ and in our purpose.

Let me put in this way. As women we LOVE shoes! We don't mind dropping some bills for what we like. So we buy them to please ourselves. Yet when we walk in them, they hurt. But it doesn't stop us from wearing them again because we going to get our money's worth! Here comes the blisters! We put on band-aids hoping it will do the trick. It may relieve for a moment, but eventually the band-aid will come off and now it's bleeding and ten times more painful! So we are faced with a decision: do we get rid of the shoes or do we continue to limp with them?

However, you are faced with making a decision. I've known women who prefer to endure the pain than get rid of their cute shoes. I know, I was one of them! I preferred the blisters because it cost me something to get them cute shoes. But it also cost me something to keep them! Regardless where I was going, it made it difficult to to arrive at my destination because every step I took was very painful and slowed me down. C'mon how many know what I'm talking about?

Are you willing to give up the cute shoes you paid SO much for and honestly can't even walk in or are you willing to pay the cost of giving them up (losing out on the money paid) in order to walk freely towards your destination?

Now, what cost are you willing to pay to be aligned with God and His plan for your life? What is it worth to you to walk in your purpose? 

Rest assure that your decision will cost you something. Unlike Jesus, it didn't JUST cost Him something - it cost Him EVERYTHING! Therefore, how did we ever think we wouldn't. Just the same Father gave strength to His Son to endure the cost, so will He give us.

Your choice "Obedience" or "Sacrifice"?