Tuesday, September 16, 2014


ARISE Watchmen!  Sound the alarm!!!  Prophets cry aloud and spare NOT!!  Intercessors WAR!  Worshipers, worship in spirit and in truth, the KING  who is to come!  Scribes RECORD!

We have been silenced long enough.  The spirit of fear and intimidation has held us captive!  NO LONGER!  We are decreeing deliverance from such and declaring that courage and boldness be our portion in this hour!

God has imparted within us a sound that must be released.  Whether you speak it, sing it, dance it, write it or demonstrate it in creative arts - it must come forth.   There are people assigned to OUR sound.  This is the hour to release it! They are waiting to hear!

Opposition will always be present.  The cost of truth carries persecution.  Jesus is our example of such, but it also brought salvation! Just as the Father was with Him, so is He with us!

There is a need of an awakening.  One that first starts within man and then spreads like a wild fire throughout others - impacting families, communities, churches, nations!

Will you sound the alarm?  Pray for the empowerment of Holy Spirit to release as you are appointed to do.

The King is soon to come, let us be found faithful in what has been entrusted to us - increasing His Kingdom for HIS glory!

May the Spirit of God awaken us!!  A HOLY VISITATION!!!