Friday, January 24, 2014

Deliverance Ministry - Is it Real?

In a previous post entitled "Are YOU Free Indeed?" I shared a teaching series on deliverance from Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church.  In these teachings we discovered that a Christian can possess demons but not be demon possessed. If you want to know the difference please see that particular post.

There has been much controversy within the church regarding deliverance ministry due to ignorance. The bible says "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6) You have a few churches that embraces and administers it and then you have those who shy away and speak against it.  Unfortunately today there are more that shun it than embrace it because of fear or theology, doctrine, traditions and/or beliefs.

If Christians cannot be influenced by demonic activity than why are so many living defeated lives. Why are so many "bent over" while in church Sunday after Sunday not being able to praise God like the woman with the spirit of infirmity in Luke 13:10-15. They are bound up and they have been for a long time.  The problem is that they been deceived to think that it is a "weakness" rather than a "bondage".  Some have even accepted sickness as a "thorn in the flesh".   Just like this woman did.  I'm sure she got tired after the first few years of struggling to get relief but none came. She must have believed that it was her "lot" in life. That is a lie straight from hell! If it was so, Jesus would have not called out to her and healed her.

Again, why do so many "believers" struggle with the same issues that there parents struggle with (generational curses)? Why does sin continue to master us when we are called to master them (Romans 6:14) but we find ourselves repeating the same ones over and over again regardless how much we pray, repent and fast? Why can't we gain the victory in a particular area of our life?

If you desire to learn why, watch the "Free Indeed" series (work your way from the bottom up).  What do you have to lose but maybe a few "spirits" if this is true.

The video above is a snippet of a deliverance being administered to a woman.  The deliverance minister is an acquaintance and I have seen the anointing that flows through him as he stands with the believer's authority to cast out demonic spirits in Jesus' Name.  This is an anointing and authority that we all have been given yet not all are called into deliverance ministry.  This man of God has been called and he graces me with all the testimonies that he post on his Facebook page after each session.  Those who once opposed him and have tried to slander his name, have come with their "tails (pride) between their legs" asking for help and they were delivered.  Now they believe and testify of what they saw and experienced rather than years of seminary.

Do not allow fear of what deliverance may look like but rather allow your desperateness to be FREE INDEED to seek it!

(Permission granted to use video by Jon George, Deliverance Minister)

God bless you.