Monday, January 20, 2014

Are YOU Free Indeed?

Can a Christian be demon possessed? NO!  Can a Christian possess a demon? YES!

What's the difference?  A demon cannot have ownership of a Christian because we belong to God. On the other hand a Christian can possess a demon and be bound by their influence when "open doors" are made available to them.

For example, if you happen to leave your home and left the door open a thief is able to come inside.  Correct?  Does it mean he owns your home? Of course not! He doesn't own it but he IS inside and able to steal, kill and destroy!  Just the same when we open doors through unrepented sins, we give access or foothold to the enemy.  He does not own or possess us but influences us.

Many Christians are bound with spirits that they themselves are not aware of.  They find themselves struggling in a particular area in their life and find themselves falling prey to a sin that easily besets them.  They pray, repent and find themselves doing it over and over and over again!  They are in need of deliverance! Yes deliverance.  Today, this type of ministry has been shunned and misunderstood. Therefore, the enemy is having a field day as it is kept hidden and not ministered.
 Churches do not teach neither speak regarding deliverance.  Their excuse is "let's not give the enemy power by speaking about him".  There is a difference between someone who is sees the devil in everything and one who is skeptical - they both are dangerous.  Even a soldier in the natural makes it their purpose to know the enemy and study their strategy in order to gain victory.  If we are kept out of the loop, how then shall we proceed to fight against the principalities, dark powers of the air that Ephesians 6 speaks of.  Obviously we are not fighting against flesh and blood.  So we cannot be that naive to the wiles of the enemy when clearly the bible tells us to stand.

I want to share with you this teaching by Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church.  The series is entitled "Free Indeed".  It is a scriptural based teaching that will transform your mindset regarding this topic.  But most importantly it teaches you to recognize the open doors and the way to deliverance.

Keep an open mind as you watch these teachings and have your bible handy.  This have truly helped me in battling with certain areas in my life that I couldn't gain victory in. Pride was my open door.  I'm not ashamed to admit it because I am a woman who desire to be free and remain free indeed so that I may walk worthy of my calling.  How about you?

My prayers are that Holy Spirit will open your ear gates and hear.  May He reveal those open doors in your life so that you can close them and truly be free indeed! Please share this with others!

God bless.....

The following are the teachings in it's order. It is important to follow it accordingly. Each teaching averages between 20-30 minutes long.

Part 1:  Under the Influence
Part 2:  Permission Granted
Part 3:  Believers in Bondage
Part 4:  Breaking the Snares of Fear
Part 5:  The First Open Door
Part 6:  Fighting for Your Life
Part 7:  A Mind Set Free
Part 8:  Wounded Warrior
Part 9:  Open Gates
Part 10:  Free Indeed

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