Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hearing the Voice of God

So many people struggle with hearing the voice of God.  They cannot decipher if what they are hearing is God, themselves or the enemy. Frustrated and discouraged they stop trying to hear.

God said that His sheep will hear his voice.  If we are His sheep than why are we not able to distinguish His voice above the others?  We may want to seek Holy Spirit as to what is blocking our ear gate.

God desires that we come to recognize and hear from Him.  We cannot live this journey without direction and He is the One who guides our every step. He speaks to us through His Word, in our time of prayer, through others, through a song, a book or even a sign on the highway!  Whether its to direct, warn, correct, encourage or teach us - He speaks!

During a teaching series "Hearing the Voice of God" we were discussing the importance of hearing from God.  I was asked to share an example of hearing from God.  Although I was able to share a snippet for time sake, I want to take this opportunity to share it in detail because there were many aspects of this testimony that I was not able to disclose on the call.

Back in 2005 I had remarried a man that I know was not for me.  Out of loneliness and need, I made that decision.  As a Christian woman I reasoned with my actions and convinced myself that I can change him into a godly man.

Although he attended services with me, I knew something was wrong but couldn't pinpoint it.  As we would drive to church, I would hear a voice that would say "listen to his words".  I couldn't understand what I was to hear because he was talking about God as if he truly made that decision to serve Him.

I found myself struggling to be intimate with him as well.  There was a time when he made advances to make love and I heard the word "defilement".  Yet I didn't understand.  This was my husband how am I being defiled.

I came into a state of anxiety and depression.  I had such an uneasy feeling and having a teenager at home at that time, I thought my son may have gotten into some things he shouldn't.  So I began to pray but the feeling would not lift.  I spent many nights crying.  No, let me rephrase that - I spent many nights wailing in despair because I felt so desperate, hopeless and wanted to leave this life behind.

Two weeks have passed and although I was healed from depression, that nagging feeling remained.  So I purposed myself to fast and pray - seeking God's voice and revelation as to why I was experiencing such uneasiness especially in my relationship with my husband.

On the third day of my fast I was at work and my phone rang.  It was a friend who called me with some news.  They were apprehensive in sharing and they started out with these words "I have something to tell you.  Something I have known two weeks ago but was struggling to reveal it to you."  Somehow I knew that I was about to receive the revelation I was asking God for.  So I was prepared.  He began to share with me that he was at a party and met a woman who claimed to be my husband's wife.  As I listened, those words just resonated yet I was not shaken. As we ended our conversation, I made my way into a conference room with my bible.  I asked God to confirm these words that have been spoken.  Immediately I heard John 4.  Therefore I turn to that chapter and my eyes fell upon this verse that said "The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband."

Everything started to make sense.  When God was asking me to hear the words that were coming out my husband's mouth was because although he was proclaiming to be a sheep, he in fact was a wolf disguised in sheep's clothing.  When I heard the word "defilement" while he was making his advances was because we in essence were not legally married.  He was married already.  There were many soul ties being intertwined that were impure.

Another aspect of this all that stood out to me the most was God's love and mercy for me.  Notice that when I got the call it was just two weeks after I was healed from depression. If that person would have called me then when they came into that knowledge, it would had caused me to possibly take my life because I was already in that state of mind.  But God is a God of perfect timing!  Yes indeed He is because all this was revealed seven days before my one year anniversary.  Therefore I was able to file for annulment and have the marriage dissolved.

I share this with you to emphasize the importance of hearing from God. His voice may come in many forms.  If you noticed I heard a "voice" saying to listen to my husband's words.  It was not an audible one but one within my mind.  Secondly, He spoke through my friend, bringing the revelation and third, He spoke and confirmed through His written word.  Can you see how He speaks to us and for the many reasons why He does.  First and foremost is to have relationship with us - to commune and grow intimately with Him.  For teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, as written in 2 Timothy 3:16.

Well, I know this was a long post but I pray that you have found it helpful in recognizing His voice.  May God bless you.