Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ministry of the Scribe (Christian Writer) Atlanta Live! TV57 - Theresa Harvard Johnson


I want to share this amazing ministry called Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International. Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson is the founder and is an anointed woman of God who instructs on the gift of the scribe (christian writers) through a curriculum called "Scribal Anointing".  For more information view the video below and visit the website:

There is an online Prophetic School of the Scribe as well as an upcoming 4 day intensive workshop in October if you are interested in attending.  More details can be found on the web page.

The ministry of the Scribe is coming to the forefront and God is utilizing Apostle Theresa in a powerful way in bringing awareness and instruction to those who walk in this gift.  I thank God for her and the God in her....