Sunday, May 12, 2013

Restoration of the Tabernacle of David

I thank God for such an amazing weekend! Wow! Wow! Wow! That's all I can say....

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Jeanette Strauss of Glorious Creations in a conference held by Keys of David House of Prayer (Fort Meyers, Fl) on Friday and Saturday!  I was surrounded by God's beautiful daughters and sons whose desire is to worship and praise Him through the ministry of dance and flags.  I was so honored to meet and speak with a few of the women and they are absolutely wonderful! 

Jeanette is such an amazing and anointed woman of God.  She taught from her books: From God's Hands to Your Land-Blessings; From Court Room of Heaven to the Throne Room of Grace; and Heavenly Impact.  I so highly recommend these books!  You can get them by clicking here or at Amazon. (New customers get $5 off only on Glorious Creations website)

I personally never knew the significance of the colors and the instruments used in the bible.  I've heard about them and seen several churches use them in their worship service but I just never knew that they had such profound meaning and powerful impact in the heavenly realms.  I was in awe of what I was hearing and learning!  It gave me such a yearning and hunger for more knowledge.

It was going to be my first experience in handling tabrets, veils, flags, and streamers!  I was reluctant because I've never done this before but I was not going to miss out on this opportunity! As Jeanette instructed on the veils she shared the symbolic names for each one.  There was one that was black and white called the Prophetic Veil and as a Prophet I said to myself that I would like that one.  After the teaching, she called us to pick a veil and dance.  So I immediately went for the Prophetic Veil.  I danced with it but then there was one that caught my eye.  It didn't have a tag as to what it symbolized.  But I was so drawn to its vibrant colors:a mixture of red, pink, orange - to me it resembled fire.  So I began to dance with it and began to declare the fire of God over me.  Truly I felt His Presence that I could not refrain from crying.  

The veil is used as a statement of intimacy with the LORD in times of seeking His divine presence.( Hebrews 6:19) Veils are also a double-edged sword in the spirit realm.  We stand in the gap as intercessors repenting on behalf of sin committed against the LORD, which has allowed a veil to be placed upon people individually and nations corporately. 

Veil #7289 raw-deed: from #7286.  In the sense of spreading; a veil (as expanded)
Veil: #7286 - raw-dad' a prin. Root: to read in piece, (fig.) to conquer, or to (spec.) overlay; spend, spread, subdue.  (Highlighted information taken from Jeanette's teaching)

As an intercessor, I can see why I was drawn to this particular veil.  Therefore I had such a strong pull in my spirit to purchase it and I DID!!  Jeanette asked me what did the LORD show me about that particular veil, I said "Fire of God"!

Please note that these instruments are inanimate objects and do not hold any special powers of its own.  But when used as a point of contact with scripture, prayer and faith, it can be a powerful tool in the spiritual realm according to the word of God as well as all the other instruments.  If you have any doubts about this please purchase the book Heavenly Impact.  It is based on many scriptures! 

If I was financially able, I would have purchased everything!! She had the most beautiful worship garments, scarfs, streamers, flags, tabrets, billows, & more.  Although I was not able to get them all, I do plan on making a wish list so that those who want to buy me a gift for special occasions or just because I'm so loveable (lol) they can know exactly what I want! Great idea huh!  

Jeanette had a beautiful scarf that symbolizes midnight intercessor and the Psalm 91.  It had eagles wings with a cross in the center.  I love it but she didn't have another one in stock but she  took off the one she had on and offered it. I said YES YES....I get a bonus of her anointing! :)  

It was an informative and powerful time in the LORD.  Truly the veil of my understanding was removed in respect to worship! I am so excited to gain more knowledge and apply it.  I am a worshiper and I love spending intimate moments just adoring Him and yet as an intercessor I came away with a new strategy to come and stand in the gap!  

I highly recommend you visit Jeanette's website, Glorious Creations.  For worship and dance ministries she offers the Heavenly Impact manual for further teaching within your group.  It is a worshipers dream entering her site and most importantly anointed by God!  I'm sure you will agree with me after you have visited the site for yourself.

I was truly blessed this weekend and I am thankful to God for his daughter Jeanette and giving her the task to go and teach His people about the Court Room, The Land and Symbolic praise, Worship and Intercession!  I look forward to reading all of her books because I know it was an assignment from God!  Truly God is restoring the Tabernacle of David.....

The following are some pictures that I took during the conference:

This picture is in reference to the Book From God's Hands to Your Land-Blessings
Powerful demonstration and declaration.

This is a billow

In this picture we were in worship using the billows, flags, etc. We all came under the billow. It was beautiful!

I loved this picture because the flag the woman was waving was a Lion of Judah flag and in this picture it looks like fire!

How beautiful the worshipers both young and matured! 

In this picture we were anointing one another's head with oil that was poured into the ram's horn. We spoke over one another these words "I anoint you for the restoration of the tabernacle of David". It was powerful!

Jeanette teaching about the Rod/Staff

Jeanette teaching about the Tabrets

This gentleman and his wife makes these beautiful flags that you see along the walls.  She is holding up a Victory flag in camo.  He was sharing how they started this ministry.
It was so wonderful and refreshing to see this brother worship the LORD in flags!