Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outstanding Achievement Comes with a Cost!

Today my husband and I attended our daughter's award ceremony this morning at her school.  As we sat down waiting for it to commence, I look around the room to see other parents in anticipation. 
In the auditorium there was a wall displaying all the 6th graders art projects.  It was amazing to see the talent these 11-13 year olds possessed!  Proud parents pointed to their children's pieces and boasting as we parents know how to do :)
The principal began to announce the "outstanding achievement" awards.  It was incredible to hear their accomplishments in various subjects. 

There was this one girl who had received about 4 medals and countless awards.  It seemed that her name was called about every ten minutes! Oh how proud her parents must be of her.  
She didn't seem like a girl who would be considered "popular".  You can tell she was most likely classified a "nerd".  
My husband made a reference to how smart she must be.  I remember saying to him that it was not so much of how smart she was but the sacrifices she made to get there. 
Our daughter was called for outstanding achievement in Art.  My husband although proud of her was expecting an academic award.  But overall he was pleased.  
I told him that I'm sure the young girl who won most of the awards made many sacrifices.  When others were out playing she was studying.  When others were reading novels, she had her nose stuck in academic books.  While others spent hours watching television, she was working on completing projects.  While others were going to the malls with their friends, she sat home alone completing homework and preparing for the next project that was due.
These are the sacrifices many are not willing to make.  But oh how it paid off for this young lady.  This is just the beginning for her!
As women of God, we are instructed that obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Sam.15:22).  But it does require for us to sacrifice many things to come to the place of obedience.  What do I mean?
While others are attending church activities, others are home praying.  While others are attending conferences, others are home studying.  While others are in fellowship with friends, others are home in fellowship with Jesus.  While others are in their beds sleeping, others are up until dawn interceding.....
Just like our daughter could not expect to receive the awards for academic achievements without putting in the sacrifices as the young girl did - neither can we expect to walk in a greater anointing as others who come to sacrifice much unto obedience.
"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." ~Luke 12:48 KJV
The young girl's awards were evidence of her dedication and hard work.  Not only did she achieve academically but she has made an investment in her future!
I'm sure many of her peers were jealous and talking about her as we know that's what they do these days in schools.  But they will never understand what it cost her until they themselves walk in her shoes.
So women of God, continue to sacrifice all unto obedience.  Many may talk about you and not understand why you can't come out to play :) - they may even tag you with a religious spirit - too heavenly bound and no earthly good they say.  A time will come when you are fully walking in your destiny that they will see evidence of your time before the LORD.  
Many today desire to walk in the anointing without paying a cost! They may get an award but they will never get the medal of outstanding achievement!  

Our daughter came home disappointed that she did not receive what she thought she deserved.  But she also recognized that in all honesty she did get what she deserved because she knows she did not put in her very best.  This experience has caused her to strive harder for next year which is a good thing!!  
I pray that this story will encourage you as well.  It surely ministered to me.  God showed me what commitment and obedience will ultimately lead a person to....Therefore I took the lesson and share it forward.

God Bless....