Monday, April 29, 2013

A Stork's Delivery

As I was sitting at my computer, I happen to glance outside my window to see the most beautiful stork gracefully walking across my front lawn.

I called to my husband to come and see its beauty. Although it is common in Florida to see them, it was our first stork since we've moved here four months ago.

As we are admiring it, my husband questions its presence.  Instinctively, I said "he has come to deliver a baby"! My husband gives me that questionable look.  "NO! not a real baby! It's a spiritual baby".

Even as the words were coming out of my mouth, I came to realize the impact of what I had just said.

We know that in the natural a stork does not deliver babies. But it has always been symbolic of such as we seen depicted in baby shower decorations. And let's not forget the cowardly tale we tell our children when they ask where babies come from!  :)

The storks are mute, they give no call.  They come quietly with their long lean necks held high as royalty entering the palace!

Unexpectedly he graces my front lawn and stands there.  My husband took a picture and still he did not fly away in fear as most birds do when you approach them.

As I stand there gazing at him, I am reminded of what escaped my mouth concerning a spiritual birth.

Truly I believe that as I am entering a new season in my life, the LORD confirmed the birth of what I have travailed for.

It was not an easy pregnancy by far!  There were much complications through the process and many times I considered early termination or have placed the baby in danger - almost causing it to be aborted.

Pain and travail followed endlessly.  It seemed as though the closer I was getting to give birth, the contractions would subside and no longer was dilating.  Inducing labor was not an option because I knew what I was carrying as well as the dangers of forcing it prematurely would have on it.  This "spiritual baby" was destined from the beginning when it will come forth.  And on its appointed time, it will come suddenly, and unexpectedly but you WILL discern its arrival!

Women of God, you know what you are carrying! The LORD has revealed it to you in your secret place and has sent countless Prophets to confirm!  You are either going through the early stages of birth pains or have already dilated and your waiting to push it out!  Regardless do not conceive this "spiritual baby" without the help of a midwife!  You may think you're ready to push but in essence it's not the time.  So hold on and wait for the moment...The LORD is our midwife and He will give you the sign when the baby's head is breaking through the canal!  You will know in your spirit that it is coming! And will recognize the moment when it arrives!

My spirit recognized its arrival when I saw the stork.  That is why without realizing the words that were coming out of my mouth, I spoke what my spirit saw!  He came without giving a call but instinctively I was able to discern his purpose! My LORD!

My baby has been delivered! Glory be to God!  I got to hold and experience briefly my baby as I came into a powerful time of ministering to a woman via online! My LORD, what God births out and the anointing attached to it is not limited to where you physically are but it will go distances that are far beyond your physical reach!  His anointing has no boundaries nor limitations! Glory be to HIS Name!

Ladies, Look out for your stork's!!!  It's time!

If you notice in the picture, there is this bubble of light above the stork! Now you can say it was the flash, or the sun and maybe it is. BUT instead I choose to see it as a messenger of LIGHT purposed to come, deliver and walk on to the next delivery!!!!  NEXT stop: YOUR HOUSE!!

Praise the LORD!