Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Cry from Our Youth



Colossians 3:21

The Message (MSG)
21 Parents, don’t come down too hard on your children or you’ll crush their spirits.

Children are always striving in some form to please their parents.  They may not know exactly how or they may fall short in doing so, but deep in their hearts there is a desire and longing for their parent’s acknowledgement.

A few years ago at a youth service I ministered in, I heard countless testimonies of the struggles and challenges they endured - many of them from broken homes. They shared the pain of rejection even when they were trying their best.  In their parents eyes they could never do right even when they were trying to change for the better.  Many shared how their parents were even opposed of them going to church. So they came alone Sunday after Sunday praying that one day their parents would join them and see the change that's taking place inside them.

These youths although crushed had a passion; they had a desire; they had a fighting spirit to stand out instead of fitting in to this world. Besides their struggles at home, they also faced peer pressure, temptations and the traps the enemy set out for them BUT they did not give up! Instead they sought God! They knew they had a need and they were desperately seeking the ONE who was able to meet it.  Praise God!

Parents I plead with you that in your busyness you take a moment and hear what’s inside your child.  This is a poem that I wrote on behalf of these youths.  I pray that you will hear not with your ears but your hearts:

In My Shoes

“Youth Under Pressure”, that’s ME everyday!

Trying to survive what’s placed in my way.

The challenge to stay pure, a life of righteousness

When all life deals me are temptations and stress!

Do you have a clue of what I’m feeling inside?

My hopes and dreams to live a normal life.

Mom, Dad I’m reaching out to you

If only you knew what’s to walk in my shoes.

My thoughts are not my own, no matter how I try

There’s a force controlling my mind of committing suicide.

My actions rebel of what I’ve missed all along

The love and security, that keeps a family strong.

It may be hard to understand what I say or do,

I’m just screaming for attention from the both of you.

I may walk around, acting tough like I don‘t care

But deep in my heart I long for love, I’m scared!

You see, I’m not what I seem to be

If only you’ll listen to what’s hidden in me.

I’m a child lost in a world where the battles are strong

I’m searching for a place where I feel I can belong.

This place I’ve stumbled across, no words can express

In my shoes HE’s walked and offers me rest.

HIS throne, where I laid all my pain and sorrows

Has given me hope for a brighter tomorrow.

You see my old shoes, I no longer walk in

HE’s given me a new pair to follow Him.

Don’t give up hope, for HE’s working in me

It’s a slow process, but one day you’ll see.

In my shoes, won’t YOU walk IN one day?

So you can share with me WHO I AM today.