Saturday, November 26, 2011

Break Every Chain, LORD!

Last night during a worship gathering this song was sung in an outcry to the Father to break every chain.

My heart cried out for Him to break the chains of oppression, depression, sickness, addictions, poverty, sexual perversion, hate, religion -etc...  I prayed for God to raise His people to go out and help free a people who are bound by spreading the Gospel.

As I was praying I heard the LORD say "How can I break the chains of those who refuse to have them broken.  How can I set a people free when those whom have been set free are bound themselves.  My Body is in chains.  I have given free will.  Freedom has been won AND when they choose to accept the freedom and walk in the power thereof is what  will cause the chains to be unlocked.  Break free from rebellion, disobedience, slothfulness - Break free from sins that has yoked you again.  Repent, Return, Re-establish your place in Me.  For who the Son sets free is free indeed."

This word is for everyone, including myself.  We cry out on behalf of others; we pray that His hands move and break the chains but yet He is waiting for those who are His hands to be released from their chains so that He CAN move.....He's waiting for those to put action to their faith as well.  We can have all the faith and we can pray and intercede but if we don't go out there - we are accomplishing nothing.  We need to break the chains of fear!! 

There is a multitude who are walking bound.  The sound of the shackles on their feet overpowers the voice of God.  And how can they hear the Truth if those who are called to be the voice of God, the hands and feet of God, - His Body are in the same condition.  It is impossible. 

It is time to ask God to remove our chains so that we may be His vessels to help remove the chains of others.  Whatever it is that has you bound - surrender and allow God to free you once and for all.  Do not let pride deceive you that you are free when you know in your heart you're not.  Do not worry of what others may think.  Worry about what God thinks. 

It's time to become the Body of Christ and go and reach a people because we have been anointed to set the captives free; heal the sick, mend the broken-hearted, and raise the dead.  There are many dead men walking - let us walk in the power of our freedom to overcome the power of their bondage.  For where the Spirit of the LORD is there IS LIBERTY!!!