Monday, August 8, 2011


Copyright 2011 Theresa Harvard Johnson

This morning, I heard the Lord say this to me:
"I DECLARE that your name is Joseph!"

Immediately, I knew that Father was not only speaking to me, but to His remnant. We all know the story of Joseph and transpired in His life. This declaration that I received is simply a strong admonishment to us today to HOLD ON to the DREAM, to HOLD ON to the promises that He has spoken over your life.

I began to REBUKE the Dream Killers, in Jesus Name! Declaring that you will be able to RESIST the temptation to:

  • Fall Prey to disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement;

  • Succumb to unforgiveness, bitterness and the fallout of treachery of assaults from the brethren;

  • Succumb to the cunning wiles and trickery of Potifer's wife; and

  • Give in to the "visual" hopelessness of your present situation or circumstance!

DREAM KILLERS are moving through the congregation in this hour -- SEEKING to devour God's people.

Dream killers, as Father showed me, are those things in your life that come to SNUFF OUT YOUR HOPE, BURY YOUR TRUST & BLOCK YOUR BELIEF that God WILL answer the DREAMS he has given you.

These dream killers seek to convince you that "you've missed it" and that "it is too late" to begin anew. I hear Father saying, "THESE ARE LIES!" I pray, by the power of Messiah, that you will RISE ABOVE this discouragement TODAY.... and see that God is yet working on your behalf.

Oh I sense so strongly in my spirit today that some of you are really FIGHTING in your mind to rise above hopelessness today in varying aspects of your life. Father wants you to know that this is AN ASSAULT from hell -- targeted at BLOCKING YOU from fulfilling your purpose and destiny in Him.

The enemy want's you to believe that YOU are not special in the Kingdom or special to God. He wants you to believe that YOU are not worthy. He wants you to believe that what is in your hand is of LESS importance than what is in the hand of others. These are SMOKE SCREENS, DISTRACTIONS..... that STEAL YOUR DREAMS. Father wants you to stand in your authority in Jesus Christ and DECLARE, "That YOUR NAME is Joseph!" Because of Holy Spirit -- who lives in you -- you have been EMPOWERED by God to come out and remain out of the pit.

Today, understand that every test and every trial are a part of your Joseph journey.

I was praying over a prophetic word the Lord gave me concerning myself in a dream some years ago. Some of the things I saw made me laugh like Sara because I saw myself as a grasshopper. Then the Lord said to me, "In that dream beloved, I gave you a glimpse of where your faith and belief will take you in years to come." Later, as I matured and as Father began to teach me His word.... I realized that I had received a glimpse of what was written in heaven concerning me.

In other words, I was seeing a page from the volume of the book (Hebrews 10:7) that had been written for me. Father had released into my spirit, so that I could hold on to and BELIEVE that what I had seen... WAS MY NOW! It was the evidence and the proof of my faith...

People of God, you are SO SPECIAL TO FATHER....

The enemies comes only to STEAL, KILL & DESTROY! If He can take your dream, he takes your hope away. In truth, the enemy can't "take" anything from us. We make the choice to give it away...

Dreams release long range vision. They give life to what is to come... A people without vision will perish.
Father wants you to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW, that your name is Joseph!