Monday, August 8, 2011

Acknowledge Your Need! Get Help!


In love, I want to share that this message is not intended for those who "wallow" in their sin state and constantly live in a place called "OH PITIFUL ME." These types of people are constantly and consistently looking for men to take sides with them, stroke their fortified positions of rebellion and ignore the places in their heart in which there is great unforgiveness, roots of bitterness and constant striving to MAKE things work.

Depression brought on by this type of behavior is self inflicted and will only be broken by (1) facing the truth about one's own condition, (2) surrendering one's will to the Lord and DOING THE HARD THINGS required; (3) truly confessing sin before the Lord and (4) entering into true SELF-repentance to break the child-like cycle circling one's life.

Many times the Lord gives us directions, instructions and guidance concerning our own condition and we simply IGNORE HIM because we FALSELY BELIEVE it will make us "give in" or "bend" into the will of others. Some people are SO BLINDED by their own condition that they can't see that this TRUE BENDING is really a bending-breaking into the will of Father. The places of depression and heaviness that they experience are a result of those rebellious choices and cycles.

When a person walking in this tired of rolling around in dog vomit change CAN come --- and come quickly. The consequences of rebellion (mutiny in the spirit) has a very high price that often eludes its pride-drenched carrier. Again, this type of depression is self-inflicted. This is not what Father has led me to talk about this morning, but clarity needed to be made before proceeding.

There is a deeper place of depression that some believers walk in -- and it is a completely SPIRITUAL depression. It comes from a longing for spiritual breakthrough in one's life that is often related to isolation from the body; being uncovered or improperly covered in prayer; failing to see prayers answered when you are walking a righteous life; walking in fear of one's assignment from the Lord even when you are doing it; estrangement from fellowship; the results of experiencing deep rooted betrayal in ministry; disconnection from family members (due to circumstances beyond our control - like geographical location); the sudden death of a loved one; the loss of resources or the sudden onset of illness; or any other situation that we did not initiate or cause -- but somehow found ourselves facing anyway. This is the focus of the post Father has led me to share this morning.


For some, this will be a difficult post to follow -- as it takes them out of the clouds and their matter-of-factness concerning healing in ministry. There are believers who think that all it takes is a confession and a prayer to make the pain go away. While this may work for SOME PEOPLE, it is not always the case for others. Remember, there are numerous testimonies in the scriptures of instant healing and I tell you WE WANT THESE! There are also just as many testimonies of healing through process -- all of which were for God's Glory.

People of God, I am teaching in this on what I know personally. I have walked HARD in both of these types of depression at some point in working out my soul's salvation. The latter, by far, is the most difficult to overcome when you are MATURE in the things of God. Maturity, as used here, is referring to how well we respond to situations and circumstances that come our way. An immature person responds in a child-like manner -- often through impulsiveness, temper tantrums and raw emotions . While a mature person pursues patience, restraint and wisdom.

In the body of Christ, we forget that JUST BECAUSE one person may have been able to overcome a situation simply by standing on a scripture or two and going on a fast, have had a longer and more difficult road. I am in no way justifying being depressed in any state or standing in agreement with darkness' purpose for it. I do, however, want us to realize that this is a VERY REAL PLACE of pain for many believers and as a body, we have to do more to be our brother's keeper.

Jeremiah 14:2 CJB prophesied it this way, "... they dress the wound of my people, but only superficially, saying, 'There is perfect shalom,' when there is no shalom. "

In other words, Jeremiah is sharing with us that some congregations are ILL EQUIPPED to bring healing to God's people. They simply tell you to GO PRAY & TRUST GOD without any practical application concerning your specific situation. You are just EXPECTED to get over it... and go on with the persona of everything being alright.

It's time to stop living this lie! EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY!

I'm going to speak frankly here. Some of the patriarch's in the bible had some SERIOUS problems. Jeremiah suffered often from the kind of "spiritual" depression we are talking about today. There are MANY instances where we can see this in His walk with the Lord. (Lamentations 2 is a good place to get a deep picture of what He went through.)

Job went through a very deep "spiritual" depression and we know that He was a righteous and MATURE man of God BEFORE his affliction. Circumstances beyond his control drew his soul into this place. Look at what is recorded in Job 1 CJB: "I am just worn out. "By my life [I swear], I will never abandon my complaint; I will speak out in my soul's bitterness. 2 I will say to God, 'Don't condemn me! Tell me why you are contending with me."

We can look at Elijah, Peter and a host of others in the scriptures. These were STRONG MEN OF GOD who met a place in their lives when they NEEDED BREAKTHROUGH! They were desperate to rise above the heaviness and the depression on their lives! THESE MEN NEEDED HELP!

I tell you, some people:
  • Have received victory simply by a WORD in the midst of their situations! (Apostle Paul)
  • Some have had to press amid great discouragement and discontentment with NO HELP, just their trust. (Job)
  • Some could ONLY get through with encouragement and help from men and divine encounters with God. Otherwise they would have given up! (Moses, Elijah)
  • Some didn't make it through "in power" at all. Their lives didn't have to end that way. (Samson, Saul)
I used to be so religious and SO MATTER-OF-FACT about everything! But I tell you people of God, I've seen the Lord heal me and other instantly of things. Then I've also seen situations in which the THORN in the flesh took time to be removed and to be healed.

WHO KNOWS the work of our Lord? Who can explain why some people are healed in the earth realm and others in heaven? ONLY GOD KNOWS!

But one thing rests sure: "We must acknowledge our need and reach out for Holy Spirit guided help! DELIVERANCE IS NEAR TO YOU!"

Father DESERVES our honesty wherever we are. If you need HELP, CRY OUT TO HIM... lest you dash your foot against a stone. Don't fall prey to the superficial healing.

Even in my faith, I have sense enough to DECLARE AND STAND in my wholeness even when everything in the natural isn't whole. Don't be RELIGIOUS in your responses to the Lord... walk in truth, be free of men...

IT IS OKAY TO BE IN NEED OF YOUR BRETHREN! THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR! (My capitalization is not shouting, but stressing the point.) You're not alone in this walk. The Christ in your brethren is also with you.

Galatians 6 CJB: 2 Bear one another's burdens - in this way you will be fulfilling the Torah's true meaning, which the Messiah upholds.