Monday, July 11, 2011

Re-connecting to God

There has been a disruption that has caused many to disconnect from God's heart.  For many it came in the form of hardships, afflictions, rebellion and overall consumption of ministry.  Although we engage in prayer, reading the bible,  services, conferences, worship, and all godly functions, we have disengaged our hearts. 

What do I mean? If we examine our hearts closely and find that in all our striving we feel empty, confused, powerless, lack of direction and our motives are negative, there has been a disconnection.  Somewhere along our walk with God, we have cut the lines that run directly to His heart.  Where once we strived to seek Him out of our love, now  has become a duty we must perform in order to continue walking as Christians and in ministry. 

  • We read the Word of God seeking a good message for others but not for ourselves.
  • We study the Bible to obtain and develop knowledge instead of intimacy
  • We pray in order for God to bless our desires and works instead of seeking His.
  • We attend conferences and other functions to network our ministries and promote ourselves rather than supporting one another.
  • We come to services to check it off  on our list of things to do rather than seeking His presence.
  • We keep ourselves from fellowship instead of building community within the Body of Christ. 
  • We allow pride to hide our need instead of reaching to others for prayers.
  • We seek God's face to obtain favor instead of transformation

The bible says that many hearts will grow cold and although we see this in the world, the Lord is specifically speaking to His children (Matthew 24:12).  Not only has it grown cold towards one another but towards God.  We must rid ourselves of all that hinders us from reconnecting.  For apart from God we cannot do nothing (John 15:5). 

We have turned away from our first love (Revelation 2:4) and we must return. How? Acknowledge your sins against Him, confess them, repent and strive to develop an intimate relationship that requires you setting all aside to be with Him daily. In this place, we lay down our thoughts, ways and will to hear His.  In this place we connect hearts and share our love.  In this place we are renewed, replenished, equipped, and established to move in compassion and love in fulfilling His desires on earth....Ministry is ministering to God first and from that place all things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33)