Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enforcing Christ's Victory – Because YOU Can!

I had written this on my FB status and wanted to add a little more to this statement:

"I would like to make an announcement: Jesus did NOT die on the cross for US to live bound! We are victorious -no longer victims! The enemy comes to rob Us from this gift of freedom, but he can't unless you hand it over to him. Cherish what's been given to you. Honor the Giver by maintaining His Victory in your lives!! Each day is filled with cares, but we are overcomers because He has overcome! Enforce His Victory - because YOU Can!"

Can I just say this? As Christian men and women when we came to Christ not only did we receive the gift of Salvation, gained back our identity, given authority and purpose! BUT also the ability to maintain and enforce Christ’s Victory!!

It’s not of our own that enables us but the Spirit of the Lord who resides IN us!!

When an off-duty police officer is out of uniform they blend in with the crowd and go unrecognized as a law enforcer but when they put on their uniform something happens.

There is this change that occurs and suddenly there is a shift in power. Once they strap themselves with their duty belts loaded with gun, ammo, baton, and handcuffs their posture takes a change. Their head is held high, shoulders back, chest out and their stance is one of influence! They are ready to enforce the law head on!

As Christians there is a posture of influence that we must take daily. It requires us to put on the FULL armor of God. (Eph. 6)

• Head is lifted up as we put on the Helmet of Salvation
• Shoulders back and chest out as we place the Breastplate of Righteousness
• Strapping on our belt of truth, we hold with one hand our shield of faith (baton) and with the other our sword; the Word of God (ammunition)
• Shod our feet with the Gospel (power) - taking our stand of influence over EVERY principality of darkness and enforce Christ Victory head on!!!

Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of being off-duty and out of uniform! Unlike the off duty officer, we don’t go unrecognized. The man of lawlessness sees when we are out of uniform and when we have on the FULL armor of God! Either way he will attack! His goal is to arrest us before we handcuff him. He comes to steal, kill and destroy and your freedom is on his hit list. He convinces us to strive endlessly for something we have already and that is VICTORY. He will wear us out in this deception to keep us from enforcing Christ victory!!

Therefore, take your stance of influence and enforce His victory – because YOU can!!!

Stand in the Power of the LORD and the strength of His Might!