Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Bit of God or ALL of God? Your choice!

A brother in Christ posted this sermon by Frances Chan on his Facebook page and I must say it is a message that will leave you naked before the Lord. Its a message that requires a response. You either want a little bit of God and more of the world or ALL of God and nothing of the world! What will be your choice after viewing this heart-arresting, Spirit-convicting, life-transforming preaching?

Frances admits that he was sick with the disease of "comfort" and basically if we truly place down our pride for one second, we too will be able to see how infected we are as well as today's church with this disease. It's spreading widely like a wild fire and the Body of Christ overall is sick. Yes, the Body. What we yet have understood is that one member of the body that is diseased (suffers), all the body suffers with it (1 Cor. 12:26).

Although this message was geared to be ministered to individuals about their "lukewarm" condition, I felt the Father's heart grieve because His Bride is so sick. They have become weak and unable to stand and maintain their garments cleaned (purified). They see the spots, yet they overlook them because it requires action (effort) on their behalf to give up those things that drip onto their garments. We have become satisfied with just wearing the stained garment in hopes that God will look at all the good we do despite our sin marked robe. We try to cover it with good works but regardless it's there and God sees it.

People of God, our Father is able! He is Glorious! So Mighty! EVERYTHING is possible with God and if we say we serve and trust Him, let us surrender all that will hinder you from experiencing ALL of Him. Stop scrutinizing and dissecting the Word of God to fit into your comfortable life. In doing so you risk being "spit-out" of the mouth of God! Living in "lukewarmness" will guarantee you a one-way ticket to hell. Yes, I said "hell". Sounds ugly huh? Yes it does! Nobody speaks about it because its repulsive to even think about but how I wish we had the same reaction to sin. Beloved, do not allow your pride, critical spirit or intellect keep you in darkness. Take the risk in asking God to reveal to you your heart. Only He knows the deepest parts of it....

It is out of LOVE that this message is posted here not to condemn for I too have been brought low on my face in hearing this. Love you all....